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                 Ervin Scharff, skilled craftsman, uses only quality materials to build custom western saddles, fence pliers holsters, purses, belts, chinks, chaps, and more. Each hand crafted leather article is custom built for the customer.  Being personalized, it is, by its very nature, one of a kind.  What Ervin enjoys most is creating what the customer wants, and seeing their satisfaction as they see their one of a kind, hand-crafted item for the first time!

                 Cowboy Tack is not a corporate factory stamping out large quantities of identical products. Each saddle, holster, purse or other hand crafted item is custom made especially for the customer. Whatever you want; a roping or cutting saddle, personalized purses or checkbooks, or have a favorite pair of boots or shoes that are in desperate need of repair, Ervin Scharff at Cowboy Tack is the place to go for all your leather needs!

2336 Chapel Rd. - Carthage, MO, 64836 - 417-358-4419 - questions@cowboytackbootrepair.com

2336 Chapel Rd. - Carthage, MO 64836 - 417-358-4419